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Creative Recycling

Year 3 girls are inspired by Stig of the Dump

A mysterious dwelling appeared recently in the Year 3 garden. Rumour has it that it belongs to somebody called Stig. Although he has made good use of local materials to build his little house in the garden, he needs to learn more about recycling - hopefully the girls in Year 3 can teach him!  Year 3 girls are learning all about recycling and the environment in their Creative Curriculum topic.  They have made some fantastic shelters out of natural and recycled materials which are on display in the classrooms.

And on the theme of recycling, the Year 3 girls welcomed art consultant Maureen Burgess into the classroom this week,  who worked with them to create the most wonderful accessories using recycled materials.  She was so inspirational and the girls were able to create the most spectacular pieces from sashes and hats, to skirts and belts.  It was a hands-on creative session which the girls thoroughly enjoyed.