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Headmistress for the Day

Spencer House

Francesca Tipper (6M) had a very busy day when she took over from Mrs Pepper and became Head for the Day at Spencer House.  Here is the account she wrote of her day at the helm:

“I held the Spencer House Assembly and talked about how the suffragettes showed teamwork, which is our current Value.  I also announced the latest charity fundraising amounts as follows:

The raffle including myself, Sofia Rahman, Georgia Stacey, Alice O’Sullivan and Lily Ross raised £178.95 which was amazing!   The ‘Guess How Many Scales on the Dragon’ run by Mia Leonard, Lara Mahmoud and Rachel Wadie raised £130.50 (see website news).  As acting Headmistress I was delighted with these charitable achievements! 

I enjoyed a morning tea in my office with three guests in which we wrote a charity update and then later enjoyed a lunch in my office with five guests when we wrote the ‘Chamber Choir Outing blog’ for the website.  My day ended with a ‘Shaking Hands, Door Duty’.  It was a fantastic experience for me personally whilst also raising money for this term’s charity.”