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Science is Fun!

Notre Dame Science Challenge Day

A group of Study girsl were excited to take part in a Fun Science day hoted at Notre Dame school recently. They arrived along with Ms Bishti and were faced with all sorts of challenges to stretch their scientific knowledge and ensure they came up with creative solutions to science based puzzles.  The Study won the challenge day overall, and below is an account of the day beautifully described by Livia Michaels in Year 5.

The Notre Dame Science Day

By Livia Michaels

On the 8th of February, I, along with five other year five girls, went to Notre Dame School with Ms Bishti. When we arrived we were told to start doing a quiz sheet, which involved matching descriptions and pictures to scientists’ names. Then we moved onto an anagrams task. On the top of the sheet the instructions said, ‘Solve these scientific anagrams.’ so we cracked on and completed every single one except number five. ‘What could it be?’ we all thought, well, we were to find out later… Our next challenge was making a marble run out of sellotape, toilet paper, paper and various other junk modelling materials. To win, a marble had to take the longest to travel through your marble run construction. The Study’s marble unfortunately only took a poor two seconds to go through our marble run so we sadly did not win. But we did not give up and were determined to come in the top three, or even better; win the next challenge. This involved making paper rockets. To win this time we had to make a rocket that could fly the furthest when blasted by a water bottle pump (a bottle with an air tube onto which the rocket would be placed and blasted off by squashing the bottle under your arm). Our group made lots of rockets and then selected the best one to use. Luckily, we came second in that challenge. Finally it was time to announce the winners, “and in first place is… The Study!” We were all so pleased and loved our goody bags too! Winning the science day was a wonderful end to our lovely day. Oh, and the anagram that we missed out was actually, ‘Notre Dame’. They said that the words were scientific, what a cheat!