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From Modern Day London to Ancient Egypt

Year 2 and Year 3 Explore their Creative Journeys

As part of the Creative Curriculum, all year groups are looking at a different topic on which they will focus their learning journeys.  This term, Year 2 girls are exploring London, and all things surrounding our great city.  Year 3 girls are focussing on a topic much further afield, and are learning all about Ancient Egypt.  The learning journeys are being brought to life by inspiring class work, art exploration, creative writing, and trips and workshops that reflect the themes. 

Year 2 are taking instructions from the Palace to create a new children’s guide to London. The girls are currently busy researching many different aspects of London, such as iconic landmarks, the Royal Family, important people who work in London and the importance of the River Thames in preparation for the tourist guide. In Art they have used different media to create a London journey. They are also busy designing a new Palace for the Royal Family which will need to light up and so are learning how to create electric circuits in order to complete this task successfully.  They are really looking forward to their trip to London at the beginning of March!

Year 3 classrooms have been visited by Monera, a little girl from Ancient Egypt who is enjoying her time at The Study, although she tends to visit late at night!!  The girls are learning all about this fascinating era in history, and the food, rituals, and lifestyle of the people.  They have been writing their names in hieroglyphics, produced stunning tourist posters for Ancient Egypt in the style of Paul Klee and have done beautiful watercolour studies of the river Nile.   Below are some photos of the fascinating classroom displays and the wonderful work being done by the girls.