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Study Girls are Considerate

Celebrating Consideration

 Our Value of the Month is Consideration, a wonderful value and an important one for this time of year.  At Wilberforce House, a consideration assembly was held where we looked at the book “Little Robin’s Christmas” by Jane Fearnley. The girls really enjoyed listening to the story and seeing how considerate little Robin was, sharing his Christmas vests with all the animals he met along the way. Little Robin was so considerate that he ended up getting a special vest knitted by Mrs Clause!  We discussed ways to be considerate at Christmas time and how to be considerate with our friends and at school and how this might make them feel.   At Spencer House we made consideration trees to be displayed around the school and girls coloured in baubles and stuck them in when they showed consideration.  So now Spencer House is adorned with have lovely decorated trees, as the girls all made a special effort to be kind and considerate.  Well done girls and do take important value with you as you enjoy being at home with your families.