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Termly Charities

Two Charitable Assemblies for the Girls

Our two termly charities held assemblies for the girls this week to explain the wonderful work they do with the funds that are raised.

Barnfield Riding for the Disabled

Joan Mitchell from Barnfield Riding for the Disabled kindly came into school this week to talk to the girls about how their fundraising efforts this term will help the charity.  She explained that the charity is based on the idea that it is what you can do that counts.  The money raised will help the Barnfield Riding Centre in many ways, including securing high quality ponies and specialised trainers. The centre supports children who may be blind or have cerebral palsy or other disabilities and would not ordinarily have the opportunity to learn to ride.  For more information on the charity, go to

The Tag Rugby Trust

Today's assembly was taken by Trevor, a representative of the Tag Rugby Trust, which is the other charity the girls are supporting this term.The Tag Ruby Trust reaches out to children in the UK and around the world. Its mission is to initiate positive and lasting change for individuals and communities, using the universal power and simplicity of team sport.

Tag rugby is noncontact rugby, you pull the tags rather than tackle. If you are running from the ball and someone pulls the tag you have to pass the ball to your opponent. Trevor spoke about the work they do in Africa. The girls there aren't usually given the opportunity to play sports but with tag rugby they can play with the boys as it is noncontact. The presentation was received enthusiastically by the girls, who are working to raise funds for this worthwhile cause.  You can find out more about the work they do on