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Year 3 Assemblies

Year 3 Girls are Inspired by The Sea!

Year 3C Assembly

The girls in 3C put on a memorable performance this week based on the beautifully written and illustrated story book by Jane Ray entitled, ‘Can You Catch a Mermaid?’  Year 3 girls in both classes have been exploring the topic of the sea this term, and this assembly brought together much of the creative curriculum learning journey on this fascinating topic. The parents were in for a treat as the show commenced with a dance to the popular song ‘Under the Sea’ from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The girls’ costumes were full of glitz and glamour and it definitely made for a bright start to the morning. For the finale they sang a lovely tune with a mermaid theme to close the show in style! Well done to the girls for putting on such a fabulous performance. 

Year 3H Assembly

The topic chosen by the girls in Year 3H for their assembly was 'The Wonders of the Sea'. Their thought provoking topic warned us of the dangers of destroying parts of the oceans. The girls read moving poems that they had written, performed a song and dance sequence to accompany a story about 'The Life of a Salmon', written by Margot L whilst their beautiful artwork was projected behind them creating the perfect backdrop. The important messages conveyed by the girls were to not pollute the sea and over fish it. Well done to the girls for putting on both an entertaining and informative assembly.