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Problem Solving and Creative Thinking!

The Puzzle Challenge Company at Wilberforce House

Wilberforce House girls enjoyed a wonderful day of mental challenge, creative problem solving, teamwork and fun when the Happy Puzzle Company came into school to provide a Puzzle Challenge day for the Wilberforce House girls.   The various games and activities certainly stretched the girls thinking, problem solving and spatial awareness skills, and also helped with concentration levels as most of the challenges required lots of thought to work out!  It was a fantastic and educational day and all the girls really enjoyed stretching themselves and working within teams which in turn strengthened friendship groups and mutual respect for each other.  Here is what the Puzzle Company say about their workshops:

“A Puzzle Challenge Day enables students to raise their own expectations of what they can achieve. By solving problems and conquering challenges which initially seem too difficult, they start to see that they can achieve goals which previously may have seemed too difficult. Every programme focuses on achievement rather than competition. Students are genuinely challenged, but they will discover that every puzzle can be solved by using the right strategies and effective teamwork.”