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Enjoying our Environment

Year 5 Day on the Common

Year 5 had a super time on Wimbledon Common as they headed into the woods and used old sheets, curtains and tablecloths, plus string and clothes pegs, to build shelters in the style of Ernest Shackleton.   They worked in teams and made imaginative use of trees, sticks and logs.  

After the shelter-building, we headed onto the green hill behind the Windmill to have our lunches in the warm sunshine.  A few team games followed while the treasure hunt was prepared, where the girls had to run up and down the hill in search of sweets.  This was also done in teams, so one girl at a time would run up the hill, find a sweet and bring it back to base.  When no more could be found, they shared out their bounty! 

At the end of the afternoon, the girls enjoyed an ice cream before wandering back to school. It was a great day of fun and team building!