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Year 2 Remember

Special Visitors for Year 2 Girls

The Year 2 girls have been learning all about the Great Wars, and have had a trip to the local War Memorial as well as a trip to the Poppy Factory in Richmond (see website news 27 November).  A very special visit was paid to the girls on Tuesday 26 November when Mr and Mrs Plastow came to talk to the girls about their experiences of WWII.  Audrey Plastow (nee Prosser) was at The Study during the war, and was evacuated to Bradley Court during the Blitz of London.  Norman Plastow has written books about the effects the war had on Wimbledon, and brought in some fascinating artefacts from the war to show the girls, including ration books, photographs and even a gas mask!  The girls found the talk really interesting and it augmented the learning they have been doing in class.  We extend our sincere thanks to Mr and Mrs Plastow for taking the time to come and talk share their experiences and knowledge with the Study girls!