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The Wonder of the Rainforest

Year 4 trip to The Living Rainforest

The Year 4 girls enjoyed a recent trip to The Living Rainforest, an indoor greenhouse tropical rainforest located in Berkshire. It is a popular ecological centre, educational centre and visitor attraction, run by the Trust for Sustainable Living.  The girls had a fascinating time observing the different plants and creatures that live within a rainforest ecosystem, and the trip supprtoed althe work they are doing in the classroom.

Here are some accounts of the trip written by the girls:

On Thursday we went to the Living Rainforest. Firstly we had a tour and then we had a snack.  After that we had a walk around the rainforest and we did an alphabet trail where we found things and wrote them down in alphabetical order.  We saw lots of amazing animals like sloths, monkeys and turtles.  At the end of the day we had lunch then a run around and went back to school.  It was so much fun!

Sophia Miholich

On Thursday 5th May 2016 we went to the Living Rainforest, we got there by coach. When we arrived we put our bags down and were told the rules.  Then we were split into three groups.  I was in Ms Goodley’s group.  We were asked to be in partners.  My partner was Alannis then Ava.  When we went into the humid forest we saw red-billed toucans, catfish, stingrays, monkeys, black and green dart frogs, a sloth and a dragon lizard.  After that we went back to the bag area and had our snacks. Next we were split into 5 different groups and we had been given different activities to complete.  After we had lunch, we went outside and played some games in the sun.  Finally, we took a long coach trip back to school.  

Bridget Gilligan

On Thursday we went to the Living Rainforest.  The Living Rainforest is a giant greenhouse that contains tropical plants and animals.  Inside it is hot and humid, it can be 20-30 degrees celsius.  The air contains a lot of moisture which the plants like.  There were lots of different types of plants including palm trees, bananas and vines.  There were also many different animals including sloths, monkeys, turtles, tortoises, fish and scorpions. They were building a snake section but we did not get to see the snakes.  My favourite bit of the day was seeing a sloth asleep and learning how animals and plants live in the rainforest.

Bea Crumby