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Jungle Joy

 Year 1 Performance of African Rumble Grumble

The audience enjoyed a wonderful tale set in the deepest African Jungle when Year 1 performed their play, "African Rumble Grumble".  All the animals in the jungle feel jittery and anxious as they sense something big is about to happen.  Ghubari, The Wise Old Man in the Tree, tries to allay their fears and explains that the weather is about to change and a monsoon is on its way. The animals take it in turns to overcome their fears to try to hunt down ‘Nyonei Ropta’ (the coming rainstorm, which keeps scaring them with its loud thundery noise); in the course of it they learn to be courageous, which is the plan of Ghubari.  Stress levels are at a high until the rains come, and then all the jungle creatures realise what a gift the rains are for their habitat.  Fantastic acting, music and a myriad of wonderful costumes made the play a delight to watch.  Very well done girls on your hard work!

Professional photographs of the performance, taken by Annie Trapnell, may be ordered by following the link to Dropbox.  The details to the link may be found in the Parents Login section of the website.