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Goldilocks - Innocent or Guilty?

Year 2 Spring Performance of Goldilocks

The audience was delighted to see Year 2’s unique take on the classic tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears last week.  Naughty Goldilocks didn’t quite realise the consequences of her actions when she let herself into the bears’ house and made herself at home, trying out chairs and eating the homemade porridge. Not only did the Bear family become angry at her audacity, they decided to press charges and take Goldilocks to court!  The legal wranglings then proceeded to enthral the audience, with an angry judge presiding over the battle between the Lock family and the Bear family.  After persuasive arguments from both the prosecution and the defence, the verdict was that Goldlilocks was found guilty of the charges put forward, however, the Bear family did not get away that lightly, and both parties had to face the full force of the law in the end.  Great costumes, fantastic acting and lots of hard work made for a very memorable performance.  Well done girls!