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Netball Hat-trick for Year 6

Year 6 Triumph Again!

Over the last few weeks, the year 6 A and B netball teams have had an exceptional run of victories.  This Saturday’s tournament at Thomas’s gave the Year 6 netball stars a hat-trick of tournament wins.

Firstly, Year 6 achieved a resounding win at Feltonfleet (see website news story dated 16th October).

Then, on Saturday 16th November the Year 6 A and B teams went to Orley Farm in Harrow. The A’s won all 9 matches and won the trophy. The B’s also performed exceptionally well and won their competition.



Finally, to top off this winning streak, the Year 6 A team went to Thomas’s Clapham on Saturday 23rd November and once again triumphed by winning all 9 matches, culminating in the team beating the hosts in the final, with a great score of 7-2. This is the first time the Study has won this particular championship and the team was ecstatic that their training and teamwork has paid off!  Well done girls!