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Literary Treats

Study girls enjoy Bookfest 2015

Study girls love to read, and so they are particularly fortunate to be so close to one of the literary highlights of the year, Wimbledon Bookfest.  Bookfest always put on a remarkable number of  fantastic events for children, and this year was no exception with many renowned authors coming to the Big Tent to meet with local children.  Year 3 enjoyed seeing Josh Lacey and illustrator Garry Parsons of Dragonsitter fame; Years 4 and 5 enjoyed hearing all about wildlife expert Steve Backshall’s exciting exploits; and Year 6 went to see one of their favourite writers, Elizabeth Laird. 

Year 3 girls with Garry Parsons above                                                                                                                

Year 4 and 5 girls with Steve Backshall below