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Teamwork on the Thames

Recent Trip for Year 5

The Year 5 trip to Thames Young Mariners is always a firm favourite with the girls, who enjoy exploring the river and experiencing new activities like bellboating, kayaking and raft building.  This year, Year 5 did something a little diffferent on their recent outing, and concentrated on outdoor land-based team buliding activities, which proved great fun for all!

The girls were involved in problem solving activities which relied upon cooperation, leadership, perseverance, trust and memory.  Activities included ball games, handling a ‘magic’ stick, rope activities, dry ski walking and orienteering amongst others.They had to take turns, show tenacity and be responsible - which reflects our current Value.  The girls had a fun-filled and memorable day!  Here is an excerpt from Yeva K's written work on her experience at Thames Young Mariners:

"I had a fantastic time.  I learnt how to work as a team and build up trust with my friends - every time I fell someone was there to lift me up.  When we put all our ideas together we achieved great results.  It was both fun and a learning experience and I cannot wait to go back in the summer."