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The Importance of Values

Taking Responsibility this Month

The Values-based Education initiative forms part of our School Improvement Plan and we will use the programme to further enrich our positive climate for teaching and learning, alongside our existing personal and social education programme. It creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic achievement, and develops students' social and relationship skills that last throughout their lives. Each month, we look at one value and there will be a range of opportunities, both in some lessons and in assemblies, to reflect on the value in question.  An important part of the success of the programme is ensuring that we keep you fully informed about the values focused on in school, so that you can encourage your daughter to share what she has been learning in school and hopefully show the same value at home.

Each month a new value will be launched.  We are beginning our new academic year with the value of Responsibility. The children are being asked; why should I be responsible? What could happen if I am not responsible? Are there consequences for our actions?  How can being responsible make the world a better place to be? We will encourage the girls to be responsible for their actions and choices so that they may become problem solvers and make positive contributions in and out of the classroom.  Please ask your daughter about our fun ‘egg’ project that is happening across the school during the month of Responsibility!