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A World of Wonder

Year 6’s Unique Vision of Alice in Wonderland

The Year 6 annual production is always a highlight for the girls at the top of the school who will be moving on from The Study, and this year is no exception with their hugely creative and unique version of the classic Lewis Carroll tale, Alice in Wonderland.

Spencer House was transformed into a magical and surreal world on Tuesday evening, in which the audience were led on a magical mystery tour to experience extraordinary vignettes in different rooms and areas of the site.  Girls led the way to the Mad Hatter’s tea party, complete with music,  jam tarts and vintage crockery; a game of flamingo croquet; the Caterpillar’s darkened lair and the mesmerising room where the hypnotising Cheshire Cat casts his spell.  The Year 6 cast took on a myriad of wonderful roles, and the tour guides led the audience on a journey of discovery and wonder.  The set design, props, costumes and planning that went into this flawless production are a testament to the creativity and enthusiasm of both our staff and the girls, who proved that with teamwork and support, magic can happen! 

With sincere thanks to Claire Kirkby, Vilma Zarkovic and Amy Jo Brown who masterminded this ambitious and memorable event for the school, and congratulations to them and to  the girls for pulling it off with such aplomb!