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Spencer House Opera

Room on the Broom 

The Spencer House choir performed a wonderful opera to the school and to the parents last week, based on the famous children’s book “Room on the Broom”.  When the generous-hearted witch loses her hat, her elegant and territorial cat is not pleased when a loyal and lonely dog retrieves it for her.  When he asks whether he can join the duo on the broomstick, Cat shows her disdain for the idea.  However, things get worse when a colourful bird and then a solemn frog also want to join the kind witch on her broomstick.  When danger strikes in the form of a fierce dragon, it is the four friends that put their differences aside in order to defeat their common foe and save the wonderful witch.  The witch then casts a spell to create a huge, indestructable broom with enough room for everyone.  This tale of generosity, friendship and teamwork was brought to life by beautiful singing from the solo performers, who were ably supported by the rest of the choir and the live musicians, including Charlotte Wood on flute.  Many congratulations go to the lead characters and solo vocalists Christina Taylor, Caroline Miholich, Ruby Large and Kasia Brown, and to all the cast and crew for a truly memorable show.  Well done also to Amy Jo Brown, Olivia Travers and Vilma Zarkovic for putting the show together.