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Magic, Murder and Mayhem

Macbeth - The Scottish Play Retold

Macbeth, this year’s annual production at Spencer House took the audience on a dark thrill ride through Shakepeare’s classic tale of murderous ambition, damning prophecy and tortured conscience. The large ensemble cast set the scene and opened the play with an innocent sleepover, and the discovery of a strange board game, which, when played, unleashed a murderous set of events set in a mysterious netherworld of misty moors and baronial castles.

The actors and dancers all performed unforgettably well, and brought the tragic tale of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s dastardly ambition to eerie life.  The ill-fated prophecy of the three witches came to fruition as the audience were treated to superb acting, wonderful dance choreography and an impressive mastery of the original script.  Very well done to all the girls who took part, whose exceptional performances were a testament to their dedication and hard work in the lead up to the show.  Congratulations to director Ms Kirkby on inspiring the stunning dramatic performances from the Spencer House girls, to Miss Peart who produced the atmospheric sound and lighting and choreographed the wonderful dance scenes, and to Ms Zarkovic for her innovative set dressing and design. The cast and crew have been inundated with praise for this spectacular production, and below is just one excerpt from a letter sent to Mrs Pepper after the show:

"Congratulations to all involved for the stunning production of Macbeth last night. As someone who's taught Macbeth a lot, and a veteran parent of many school productions, I can say with humble authority that it was one of the best I have ever seen! The performances, effects, staging and pace of the play all demand a great deal of cast, crew and producers - and these all orchestrated together brilliantly.  The girls' engagement and depth of understanding shone out, with a level of zest and commitment to the performance which was very impressive, beyond their years. Also, to take part in such a successful staging of a Shakespeare play at prep school level is an unforgettably enriching and formative experience. If you fall in love with Shakespeare in Year 5, it is a gift for life."

 Below is just a small selection of images from the show.  Look out for details of how to obtain show photos in the Weekly Update.