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Roman Day

Year 3 Travel Back in Time!

Last week, the Year 3 girls had a fantastic time exploring ancient Rome.  Not only did they come to school dressed as ancient Romans, but they learnt all about the lifestyle, food, art and culture of the Roman times.  They enjoyed a workshop whereby they created bangles out of clay, role played as merchants to buy and sell spices and scents, learnt to write their names in Latin and tried their hand at creating beautiful mosaics.

Here are some comments written by the girls:

On Roman Day I enjoyed making a bracelet with clay.  I also drew my name in Roman words and I made a pot out of clay too.  I went to the merchants and I bought some lovely spices.  Sophia M

I enjoyed writing my name in Latin on the wax tablet the most.  Sophia D

Roman day was amazing.  We made bracelets and I learnt that Roman people like to make straight roads.  Clara J

I really enjoyed Roman Day because there were merchants at a stall and we could buy perfume and lots of things we could make.  Amelie A

My day as a Roman was amazing.  I learnt so much that it would be impossible to explain everything!  Olivia C