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Year 1 Goes Wild!

Trip to London Zoo and a Special Visitor

Year 1 girls are learning all about wild animals and exotic environments in Geography, and to support their learning, Year 1 went on an exciting trip to London Zoo.  They saw all sorts of wild animals and exotic creatures, including lions, chimpanzees, elephants, giraffes and zebras.   In the Tiger Territory the girls saw the baby tiger cubs on the “cubcam”.  They also watched the penguins being fed, which was great fun!

Willow Northover in Year 1 Yellow wrote this about the trip:

“We went to London Zoo and I saw some tigers.  They were playing in the sun.  I learnt that butterflies taste with their feet.  The gorilla banged the glass because we were too noisy.  I loved it!

Year 1 had a special visitor to support this theme too, a real life African explorer!  Darcy’s godfather came over from South Africa for a visit and last week came to speak to the girls about his life.  He is an ‘adventurer’ who has cycled all the way around Africa, camping in a tent and eating as the locals do.  These delicacies included rats, monkey, bugs and even crocodile!  He had a close encounter with a shark when canoeing too.  His stories were very exciting and he brought lots of photos of African animals to share, which the girls thoroughly enjoyed, and which they then saw in real life when they went to London Zoo.