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Reception's Special Visitors

Coco the Guide Dog shows us the way

Reception girls are learning all about their senses and how we use them. As part of this fascinating topic, the girls enjoyed a very special visit – Hilary from Guide Dogs for the Blind came in with her beautiful guide dog, Coco.  Coco charmed the girls with her gentle ways and Hilary explained how people with impaired vision rely on dogs like Coco to help them see.  Coco loved being the centre of attention, and must have felt very proud when Hilary told all the girls just how clever she is - Coco helps Hilary post letters, helps her to cross the road and does all sorts of other useful things around the home.  The most wonderful thing though was to see just what a good friend Coco is to Hilary - kind, helpful and loyal - just like we are to each other!