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Adventure Time!

Year 5 at Thames Young Mariners and Year 6 at PGL

Year 5 girls had a wonderful time "messing about" on boats recently when they went on a school trip to Thames Young Mariners.  Canoeing, raft building and kayaking were just some of the activities the girls enjoyed during their day out on the river.

Year 6 girls enjoyed a residential trip to PGL in Osmington Bay where they enjoyed a myriad of adventurous and exciting activities at the picturesque centre based on the Dorset coast.  Glorious sunshine and plenty of fun were the hallmarks of the trip, and the girls experienced everything from kayaking and abseiling to quad-biking and sailing.  The girls all had a fantastic time and even found the time to have a dip in the sea!  The week proved a wonderful experience for all, and the fond memories of the trip as the culmination of the girls’ fantastic last year at The Study will last a lifetime!