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Year 1 Venture back to The Victorian Era!

Ragged School Museum Trip

Year 1 girls were transported back in time to experience the austerity of the Victorian era when they went on a trip to The Ragged School Museum recently.  They enjoyed taking part in a role-play workshop to find out what it was like to be a child in the Victorian times. The girls learnt all about a typical Victorian girl, Polly, and her brothers and sister. Polly had difficult chores to do every day and her brothers and sister went out to work at a very young age. They did not go to school or have much fun, and the girls realised just how lucky they are not to have been born during these difficult years!

When they went into the Victorian school room, the teacher, Mrs Perkins, was extremely strict! The girls had to sit up straight at all times, and if any were found slouching they had to sit with a back board which was very uncomfortable! Any girls spotted fidgeting with their fingers experienced what is was like to have them placed into finger stocks behind their backs.  Luckily Mrs Lee and Ms Cuerden did not bring any similar ideas back with them to The Study!