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Getting it right, right from the start

Children who learn in an environment where mental wellbeing is truly embedded into their school life are better equipped to thrive academically, socially and individually.

EQPrep at The Study is our early intervention, preventative approach for pupils, parents and staff. EQ stands for emotional intelligence and the programme is run by Jules Oakshett, our dedicated Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant. Jules is an HCPC Registered Arts Therapist, Systemic Practitioner, Parent Coach and School Counsellor.

We believe that problems, however big or small, are best addressed when they first arise and that social and emotional learning scaffolds a child’s academic success.

Jules from EQ Prep

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“The fact that there is someone like Jules we can access as parents, and the girls can access too, is a huge benefit.”

Year 1 parent

“The EQPrep session was genuinely above and beyond what we have seen at other schools.”

Reception parent

“50% of all mental health problems have started by the age of 14.”

Mental Health Foundation

EQPrep at The Study

We take the mental health of our girls very seriously. Our aim is to teach pupils to recognise, understand and regulate their emotions, so they learn to assess their own wellbeing and recognise when they need help. The EQPrep programme includes:

EQChat Short, solutions focused drop-in chat sessions available for girls in Years 4-6
In-class Mental Health curriculum delivered termly to all girls, where they are taught ways to articulate, express and regulate their feelings
Peer Mentor Training
Training for Year 6 pupils to become playground mentors
Girls develop the three Cs – critical thinking, conflict resolution and collaboration skills
EQParent Consultations offering advice and guidance for parents who have concerns about their child’s mental health, or simply want some guidance
Talks Bespoke talks for parents on a wide range of mental health topics
EQ Coffee MorningsYear group coffee mornings for small groups of parents to meet and talk about a particular wellbeing topic
EQStaff Supervision sessions for personal or professional development
INSET Termly staff mental health training

“Jules’ dramatherapy training was very helpful as my daughter was expressing her sadness through art and creative writing. Jules was able to approach these from another angle, which my husband and I did not have the skills to do.”

Year 3 parent

“Peer mentoring is great fun! Sometimes it’s easier to talk to another pupil than a teacher when something’s bothering you.”

Year 6 pupil

“It's so comforting to know that there is such good mental health care both for the girls and teachers at The Study.”



EQPrep offers all pupils a safe, welcoming space to talk about life’s ups and downs. It’s like the school’s immune system, working to equip the girls with all they need to be resilient.


No problem is too big or too small. EQPrep is just as relevant for our parent community as it is for our pupils. Parents know they can use it to get advice and guidance, or just to share their concerns.


Happy teachers make for happy classrooms. Counselling and support for staff is embedded into the daily running of the school, giving them a place to reflect and grow.

Why teach children social and emotional learning (SEL)?

We can’t prevent our children from experiencing difficult feelings, nor can we protect them from emotional harm. Children who have developed good emotional intelligence and have the ability to recognise, label and express their emotions go on to be successful academically and socially.

Teaching our girls EQ gives them the tools they need to weather life’s inevitable storms and cope during times of stress and can:

  • Improve a child’s attitude to themselves
  • Improve a child’s attitude to school
  • Improve social behaviour
  • Improve academic outcomes
  • Improve emotional distress.

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