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The Study Association

What is the Study Association?

The Study Association is about parents supporting the work of the school beyond the classroom. We organise fundraising and social events for parents and girls. We donate the funds raised to the school and to charities nominated by the girls.

Our ongoing success depends on your support. This includes attending our events, donating raffle and auction prizes and volunteering your valuable time. We know that parents are busy but, if you can spare some time, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. We hope to work with you in the years ahead.

The Study Association Committee

The Committee comprises three chairpersons, class representatives, a treasurer, a secretary and an auditor. We hold Committee meetings at least once a term and more frequently as required around key events. Our annual general meeting is held around June to report on the year’s events and funds raised. The Headmistress is also invited to attend committee meetings from time to time.

Each class has one or two representatives. They help communication among parents, the girls, the school and the association. Class representatives typically arrange coffee mornings and other class social events. They liaise with parents on Association activities and help arrange volunteering. They also collect donations for staff gifts at the end of term and Christmas.

For details of our class reps for this year, please go to the Parents' Area of the website and download the full list of Class Representatives which appears within the Study Association area.

Our Events


The Association is also responsible for Nearly New Uniform Sales each term.

We welcome all current, clean uniform which is in good condition. If you have uniform to sell, please leave it in the school offices at either Wilberforce or Spencer Houses during the week before the sale or at the shop during the sale. Items must be in a bag clearly marked "Nearly New Uniform". If it is an item that you are eligible for a refund (new style navy coat, waterproof jacket, pinafore, skirt and new style dress) then please leave your child's name tag still sewn in or attach details to the items. Please see the latest Price List and Terms and Conditions attached in PDF format below.

Study Association Newsletter

We produce a newsletter each term to inform parents on past and upcoming events, funds raised and how those funds are spent. You may download the most recent newsletter, attached below, or from the Parents' Area of the website.


Funds raised are donated to the school and to charities nominated by the girls.

  • Last year funds donated to the School were used for educational puppets, several laptops and playground equipment.
  • Each year the school selects charities that the girls will support through the funds raised by the Association. Details of these charities can be found on the website or from the school offices.

If you have any questions or want to volunteer at any of our events, please contact either of the Co-Chairs by email or pop a note through The Study Association Mailbox located in the foyer of the main entrance at Wilberforce House or Spencer House.


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