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One of the key strengths of The Study is to recognise and nurture individual talent and hard work. The success of this individual approach to education can be seen by the many scholarship offers given to The Study girls by the leading senior schools. Over the last five academic years, The Study’s Year 6 groups have received 141 scholarship offers at 11+; an impressive number for any preparatory school. 2016, 2017 and 2018 were particularly strong years with 25, 35 and 39 scholarships offered respectively. 2019 was also strong year for the school, with an impressive 25 scholarships offered across academic, music, sport and drama.  We are thrilled to announce that the 2020 Year 6 girls have broken all Study records, and have achieved a total of 40 scholarship offers from leading senior schools.  

Whether your daughter is aiming for a music, art, sport, drama or academic scholarship, our Heads of Department and team of specialist teachers will advise and support her at every stage, understanding the preparation and extra work needed to help achieve scholarship aims.  Whether it be specialist private music sessions to hone instrumental skills; individual art portfolio and art history preparation; work on speech, drama and theatrical skills; or plenty of encouragement from the sports department for budding athletic stars, The Study has the knowledge and experience to help the girls to do the very best they can.