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Pastoral Care

 The Study is a mutually supportive community, which includes the girls, their parents and all the staff, teaching and non-teaching.  Above all else, The Study has an atmosphere of warmth, openness and happiness where the girls feel secure, well looked after and highly valued.

The individual care and development of each and every girl is the mission of The Study. We ensure, through excellent teaching, a kind and nurturing environment, and the encouragement of individual talents and interests, that every girl feels valued and a special part of the whole. The importance of kindness, friendship and respect for others is developed through example and actions, where bad manners and hurtful behaviour towards others are not tolerated. 

 The form teacher plays a key role in ensuring the general well-being and happiness of each girl in her care, in all aspects of school life.  However, all staff play their part and the girls know they can turn to any teacher if they have a problem or are unhappy. The girls are also encouraged to look out for each other too.

Assemblies are an important part of the school day, providing an opportunity for the girls and staff to gather together as a community. They usually comprise a hymn, a story or discussion point and a prayer. As well as the important role they play in developing the girls’ social, moral and cultural awareness, they also provide an important opportunity to celebrate achievement and effort, in work and behaviour.

 All classes have a weekly Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) lesson. These lessons form a key element of our Pastoral Care, developing the girls’ listening skills and their confidence to talk about their own, and others’, concerns and feelings.

The Headmistress advocates an open door policy, where parents are welcome to visit and discuss any aspect of their daughter’s development, whether it be social, personal or academic. 

 The form teachers are exceptional in their ability to recognise individual needs, and the school prides itself on the open line of communication that exists between form teachers and parents: informally at the classroom doors, via email and/ or the Link Book in the Prep Department, or by formal arrangement. Regular parent teacher evenings, open events, assemblies and performances encourage parents to feel a part of the school community and involved in their daughters’ school education.