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Aims and Ethos

History at The Study enables girls to explore the past in an enjoyable way beyond the learning of simple facts and dates. Girls learn about key events and people in the past and their classroom learning is brought alive by regular trips, visits and workshops. History helps to develop investigative skills and creativity and as girls move through the school, it also helps to develop skills of analysis and judgement.

Curriculum Overview

Pre-Prep Department

When girls join The Study their curiosity for History is ignited and encouraged. Their own knowledge and experience is used to help them to make meaningful connections between their lives and the lives of people in the past. 

In Reception, the girls begin to acquire knowledge and understanding of Past and Present through the topic of ‘Ourselves’. In Year 1, comparisons of Past and Present are made through topics on Toys, Homes and Holidays, with a focus on the Victorians. Timelines are introduced to help girls develop a basic awareness of chronology. In Year 2, the girls are encouraged to think about how the past influences the present, through the topics of Remembrance, The Great Fire of London and the lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Key events and dates are recorded on timelines to extend their understanding of chronology.

Prep Department

Girls increase their depth of factual knowledge and understanding of aspects of the history of Britain and the wider world. They are taught to describe and make links between events and changes and are encouraged to give reasons for these events and changes. Girls learn to select and organise information to produce structured work, making appropriate use of dates and terms.

In Year 3, the girls study The Celts and The Romans in depth. They engage in historical enquiry through the use of a wide range of sources and artefacts and learn how to take different viewpoints into account.

Year 4 girls look at the effects of Anglo-Saxon and Viking settlements on Britain. They use the skills of deduction and inference to discover how the Ancient Egyptians lived.

In Year 5, girls delve into the Tudors and Stuarts, investigate the impact of the Age of Exploration and study the legacy of the Ancient Greeks. Year 6 girls focus mainly on the Victorian era and life during The Second World War, where they are encouraged to consider the impact of significant individuals, events and changes during both periods.


The Study is well resourced for History books in the classrooms and school libraries. Interactive whiteboards are used alongside DVD and video clip resources in the classroom. The use of ICT is encouraged for research purposes and to locate relevant photographs and pictures to help bring text to life.

Girls are always encouraged to bring to school any artefacts, photographs or books that might be of interest regarding a particular History topic. The school is currently developing a collection of historical artefacts for use in the classroom.

Beyond the Classroom

Study girls have a wealth of opportunities to enhance their understanding of History through carefully planned visits to sites of historical significance, as well as taking part in workshops in school run by invited specialists. The following list represents just some of our trips and visitors to The Study in recent years.

The valuable knowledge of grandparents and local people is drawn upon when they are invited to share first-hand accounts of their lives and changes in the local area.

Year 1
Museum of Childhood
Wandsworth Library
Leeds Castle
Victorian Day Workshop

Year 2
Florence Nightingale Museum
Poppy factory
St Paul’s Cathedral
Great Fire of London Workshop

Year 3
Museum of London
Butser Museum
Southside House
Roman Day Workshop

Year 4
Viking Workshop

Year 5
Hampton Court
Mary Rose Workshop

Year 6
Victorian Day Workshop
Imperial War Museum
National Archives at Kew

For those with a particular interest, Spencer House has a weekly History Club.