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Aims and Ethos

Geography at The Study develops a knowledge of place and environments throughout the world. This starts with a growing familiarity with Wimbledon, then with central London and thereafter learning about contrasting places in the UK and globally. The girls compare different societies and cultures with their own. Studying this subject provokes and answers questions about the natural and human world, viewing it from different perspectives.

Curriculum Overview

Pre-Prep Department

The subject of Geography begins in Reception by exploring new environments and meeting people who help in the community, learning about jobs and how they have changed. The girls learn about Spring festivals and celebrations. In Year 1 our locality is compared with the seaside and in Year 2 central London is the focus, where the girls visit famous landmarks and buildings. They learn about the British Isles and in particular undertake an in-depth project about life on a Scottish Island. Year 2 finish the year by learning about life in Tocuaro in Mexico, which is researched in depth, and where comparisons with our traditions are explored, songs and dances are learnt and artefacts observed and handled.

Prep Department

Year 3

Girls learn where our food comes from, both locally and internationally, in a topic on “Food and Farming”, which is linked to their Healthy Eating studies in Science. In the Summer Term they study weather and climate, and how climatic conditions may affect holiday choices and tourism.

Year 4

In the Spring Term, Year 4 girls enjoy a residential trip to a field studies centre, Juniper Hall in Surrey, where, amongst many other activities, experiments on soil types and pH levels are undertaken on the surrounding land of the North Downs and Box Hill. This theme is continued in the classroom with geological analysis of rock types leading to earthquake and volcano studies.

An Indian village is compared and contrasted to our locality, with the opportunity to not only examine the Indian culture but also to experience the food and dancing! In the Summer Term, learning facts about, and taking a virtual tour of, the Amazon Rainforest, links closely with Year 4’s Science topic on plants and habitats.

Year 5

Girls learn about improving their environment by recycling and conserving water. They look at the management of water around the world; floods in monsoon areas and the UK, and droughts in Africa. This leads to the Summer Term study of coastlines and their features, including erosion and the effects of weather and tourism.

Year 6

The focus for Year 6 is river systems and the impact they have on the landscape. They compare rivers in the UK to those around the world and explore how they have influenced the location of settlements. This leads on to a study of mountainous regions.


We have a plentiful supply of Geography resources to help bring the subject to life in a visual way: pictures and photographs, non-fiction books, globes, atlases, models, ICT resources, DVDs and CDs.

Beyond the Classroom 

Girls regularly go out and about to explore and investigate aspects of the local environment during their time at The Study. Local visits include looking at land use in Wimbledon Village and on the Common, Southside House and the All England Lawn Tennis Club Museum. Visits further afield include: The Wetlands Centre, Wakehurst Place, The British Wildlife Centre, famous London landmarks, orienteering on the North Downs, Painshill Park in Surrey for mapping skills and a popular trip to London Zoo!

Visiting workshops, run by specialists, enrich the learning which takes place in the classroom and girls have fun experiencing how Geography impacts on their lives. Workshops include: Mexicolore’s colourful interactive workshop about Mexican culture; the biennial Young Town Planners Workshop for Years 1 and 2; and Bollywood dancing sessions for Year 4 to complement their topic on India.