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Aims & Ethos

French at The Study is taught from Reception to Year 6 and is strongly based on speaking, listening and reading skills through games and songs. As the girls progress through the School, their writing skills are developed too. French is used as much as possible in the classroom and they learn about different topics including French culture and traditions. Their learning is brought alive by visits and workshops to complement their work in the classroom. Our aim is to give the girls knowledge of the French language in order to use it confidently, as well as to provide an insight into a different way of life and a positive attitude to a foreign culture.

Curriculum Overview

French is taught by a native speaker. At Wilberforce House the girls have one lesson a week and this increases to two lessons a week at Spencer House.

Pre-Prep Department

The younger girls learn to introduce themselves, give simple instructions, learn numbers, colours, fruits,  pets, the weather, days of the week, months of the year, as well as how to express their feelings, their likes and dislikes, and to describe their environment. They also learn about different French traditions at Christmas, Pancake Day, Carnival Day, Easter, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day. This year we will include the Olympic Games too.

Prep Department

The older girls do number extension work, learn extended instructions, means of transport, how to get to school, how to tell the time and how to describe their daily routine. They learn how to describe aches and pains and how to express preferences. They learn about French speaking countries and how to get to them. They learn verbs such as “to be” (in order to describe someone’s personality for example), “to have” (in order to describe themselves or someone physically) and other common verbs.

The girls also learn about different monuments and festivals in France, the everyday school life of a French child and food festivals. This year we will do a French topic on the Olympics.  At Spencer House, the girls start the use of bilingual dictionaries.

Our native French speakers also develop their writing skills in lessons, using a French grammar book called “Le BLED”.


The Study is well resourced for bilingual dictionaries and comic strips in both the class and school libraries. Pupils also use ICT resources, DVDs and CDs. The interactive whiteboard is a fantastic tool used to play games via a variety of websites.

Beyond the Classroom

For those girls who are fluent, or almost fluent, we have a French Club at both sites.