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Ethos and Aims


The School fosters academic and creative achievement while nurturing well-rounded, confident, caring girls with a love of learning, a broad outlook, good manners and a real zest for life.


  • To provide a stimulating, challenging and exciting environment which is also calm, happy and secure.
  • To set the girls on the road to lifelong learning by inculcating a love of knowledge and by equipping them with skills for their future study.
  • To enable girls to work together harmoniously, developing a sense of responsibility towards others in the school community and in the wider world.
  • To provide an environment in which girls can develop their self-confidence and interpersonal skills.
  • To give each individual the opportunity to develop her talents and abilities.

We also aim to prepare girls effectively for the next stage of their education by providing:

  • A stimulating and vibrant learning environment.
  • A challening, broad, balanced curriculum designed to maximise the potential of each individual including those with particular gifts and talents.
  • Opportunities for girls to evelop the skills and knowledge that they will need in their future study.
  • Targeted support for girls with special needs and/or specific learning difficulties.
  • A culture in which all staff aim to know each girl as an individual in order to meet her pastoral needs and develop her self confidence in  a happy, secure environment.
  • Opportunities for girls to develop their confidence and to acquire excellent communication, interpersonal and presentational skills.
  • The best chance possible of achieving a place at a senior school that can cater for their talents and abilities.
  • Opportunities to exercise responsibility.