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Dance (Ballet)

Aims & Ethos

Ballet is an excellent form of dance, which amongst other things, encourages good posture - girls learn to stand tall with their heads held high – and helps build confidence. Also, it helps temper different personalities: for example a quiet thoughtful girl can express herself at her own pace and a very confident girl can learn to wait, listen and communicate through the medium of dance.

In the Pre-Prep Department, all girls study Classical Ballet. Our aim is for the girls to develop a fair knowledge of Ballet Technique and to be able to perform solo with confidence and grace.

Curriculum overview


This is the girls’ introduction to Ballet and they begin to learn classical posture for the first time. They become aware of their physical being by learning deportment and basic ballet steps and gain confidence to jump and leap. The girls find out that dance is fun and a great way to bond with their new friends.

Year 1

The girls develop their steps and technique, and learn a wide range of movement. They are encouraged to improvise to varying styles of music, and this helps with their expression and connection with the audience.

Year 2

This is the girls’ final year of curriculum Ballet at The Study and by now they have established good stance, and are all musical and eager to perform. Their ballet steps are now taught in French, in line with the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and the girls are trained to be of Ballet examination standard. They are taught to memorise steps and enchainments which include Adage, Allegro and turns.

Beyond The Classroom

 In the Pre-Prep Department the girls have regular opportunities to perform in assemblies and shows.

We have a Creative Dance Club at both Houses for girls in the Prep Department.  In this club they study a wide variety of dance including Jazz, Street Dance, Ballroom and lyrical.  The highlight of the year is the annual performance on the Common at The Wimbledon Village Fair, where the girls dance to a very large audience.