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Coronavirus Update

This information outlines how we will be operating at The Study from the 8 March 2021 to ensure the safety of the school community. We all have a part to play and we ask for your support in keeping each other safe and well, and the School open.

Whilst outside of school, please follow the Government Guidelines regarding social distancing, gatherings, track and trace and travel – this will help our school community and keep your children in school.

It is a difficult and uncertain time but we hope that by following these guidelines the children can return to school with as much normality as possible and a full curriculum.

Health Declaration 

If your child or a family member have any health issues that increases the risk for your child when she returns to school, please contact Miss Ellis or Miss Gay to discuss your daughter’s return to school.

Action in the Event of illness 

If a Study pupil or any one in your household displays symptoms that might be due to coronavirus: the individual showing signs of coronavirus should remain in isolation for ten days as well as the rest of the household – unless a test returns negative. We would strongly encourage you to seek access to testing in this situation. Government Guidance found here.

If a Study pupil or a member of your household tests negative for coronavirus: your daughter may return to school and the rest of their household can end their self-isolation. If a Study pupil tests positive for coronavirus, please advise the School at

The School will liaise with the local health protection team to assess the school community and determine who was in close contact and therefore needs to isolate for ten days.

(The advice is that the household members of children in the group do not need to self-isolate unless the child in their household subsequently develops symptoms.)

Please inform us immediately if your daughter, or anyone in your household displays symptoms of coronavirus, and of the results of any testing.

As a school, we are fully engaged with the Government ‘Track and Trace’ programme and as such, will be liaising with Public Health England and Merton Council in the event of any positive cases amongst the pupils or staff in school.

School attendance is once again mandatory. Therefore the normal procedures for absence will apply and you should let us know (using the absence line) if for any reason your daughter is not attending school. We will follow up all unauthorised absences as usual.

Staffing and Home Learning 

Our dedicated staff team are subject to the same sickness management rules and track and trace initiative and we may therefore experience periods of staff absence. Risks to staff are being minimised through timetabling, a greater separation of office and communal staff space and our best endeavours of social distancing.

We will do everything we can to minimise disruption to your daughters’ learning but in the unfortunate event that a year group, or the whole school is closed for a period of time, home learning will resume via Google Classroom and Zoom.

Quarantine & Travelling 

Government Guidance regarding travelling restrictions and quarantine requirements can be found here. In the interests of the safety of all our school community, please ensure that your daughter does not return to school if your family is required by law to isolate. 

Year Group 'Bubbles'

We will be organising the girls in year group ‘bubbles’ as we did last term. This will enable us to have our usual groups in Maths and English in Year 2 and above and will allow us to resume PE lessons at Beverley Meads. Classrooms and spaces have been allocated to groups and timetabled to operate on the principle of year group bubbles, which will be maintained, at all times, other than for a few pupils attending after school care. The timetable has been planned in such a way to keep groups separate and facilities have been earmarked for specific group use only.

Classrooms may look slightly different. Following government guidance, desks and tables have been reconfigured so that all desks (other than Reception and Year 1) are forward facing. There will be staggered start and finish times for each year group.

Break and lunch times are also staggered and playground equipment will be cleaned between use by different groups.

Shared rooms and resources will be cleaned in between use by different groups.

Handwashing and Hygiene 

The School will continue to have strict hygiene and cleaning protocols in place as we did last term. We have reformed our cleaning function to ensure staff are available to sanitise rooms in between different year group ‘bubbles’ and pupils will have regular handwashing timetabled throughout the school day, including on arrival on site as well as before and after any eating and playground breaks. Hand sanitiser will be available in school but children may bring in their own if they prefer.

Government guidelines do not currently recommend the wearing of masks for children under 12; however, your daughter may if she wishes wear one when moving around the school.

Equipment and Stationary 

For Wilberforce House pupils, the School will continue to provide the equipment and stationery that the girls need and so they should not bring any equipment into school, including pencil cases.

For Spencer House, pupils should bring in their own labelled pencil cases on the first day back in, which will then be kept at School. School bags can come into school to carry a named water bottle, reading books, homework and gym/ballet kit (as per timetable). There should be no day bags at Spencer House.


Morning snack and hot lunch provision will continue as per last term. The girls will maintain their ‘Year Group bubble’ integrity during lunch in the halls. A credit for lunches not taken in the Spring Term (£171 for Reception and Year 1 and £210 for Years 2 to 6) will be applied to your next invoice. 

Shuttle Buses 

Our shuttle bus service between Wilberforce House / Spencer House in the morning and Spencer House / Wilberforce House in the afternoon has resumed. The details of timings can be found on The School Day page in the parent area of the website. 

Clubs, After School Care & Peripatetic Lessons 

After school are will resume for all year groups on Monday 8 March. We are able to run clubs and peripatetic lessons that are led by The Study staff.  

For the most up to date information, please visit the Clubs & After School Care page in the parent area of the website. 

Drop Off and Pick Up Arrangements 

We are unable to allow visitors and parents on site. Children should be dropped off and collected from School according to the instructions below and parents should not come into the playground.

Please respect the social distancing guidelines at drop-off and pick-up outside the school gates and entrances. With this in mind, please keep strictly to the times below and do not linger for any longer than necessary. Staff will continue to wear a face covering at drop off and pick up, where it is difficult to socially distance, and we ask that parents do the same.

For Drop Off and Pick Up Arrangements, please visit The School Day page in the parent area of the website. 

If you have any specific queries about the measures put in place to reduce the risk in school, please contact the school office to request a discussion with Miss Ellis, Miss Gay, Mrs Lee or Mr Baalham.