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An Immersive Coral Reef Workshop

 A Marine Biologist explores the underwater world of Coral Reefs with Year 3.

Year 3 took part in a Coral Reef workshop this week. A visiting Marine Biologist, Piers Bailey who set up a marine conservation charity called the Roctopus Eco Trust based on the small island of Ko Tao in Thailand, spent the day with Year 3. 

He talked to the girls about the thriving Eco system within the reef and how animals that live there support each other to stay healthy and balanced. Importantly, the girls also learnt about the threats to Coral Reefs and what we can do to protect them. 

There was plenty of opportunity for curiosity and creativity and the girls brought to life the riot of colour that exists below the waves with their own Carol Reefs made out of recycled materials.  A fantastic finish to the Deep Down Under project for this term.