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Year 5 on Fire!

Netball Gold at Downsend

On Saturday, the Year 5B team took part in a netball tournament at Downsend. It was a very cold and windy day making it hard for the girls to control the direction of the ball without it being blown away. The girls started off extremely well winning 3-0 against Downsend. The girls demonstrated some excellent defending and attacking skills, moving into space to receive the ball. The shooters were on fire and the final result against Daneshill was 6-1 to The Study. Our final game was against St Catherine's Bramley. The wind became even stronger making it even more difficult for the girls to score, however they continued to play excellent netball despite the tough conditions and won 3-2.

The girls went home filled with well deserved pride at their fantastic achievement - a Gold Medal for The Study! Well done girls.