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Aims and Ethos

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an intrinsic part of our everyday lives. Our aim within the school curriculum is to prepare our girls to participate in a rapidly changing society in which work and other forms of activity are increasingly dependent on ICT. The subject develops the girls’ information skills, including the ability to use information sources and ICT tools to help them find, explore, develop, analyse, exchange and present information and to support their problem solving, investigative and expressive work.

Curriculum Overview

At Wilberforce House, the girls are introduced to ICT in Reception. In the early years especially, the computer significantly enhances their multisensory approach towards a rewarding level of achievement in reading, writing and numeracy. From Year 1 upwards all the girls have regular ICT lessons in the ICT suite. Year 1 also use a bank of computers in their classroom to develop their skills and investigate, develop and learn at their own pace.  Classroom cameras, video cameras and Beebots are used to enhance learning across the curriculum. 

At Spencer House the girls have ICT lessons in the well-equipped ICT suite. The progression and continuity of skills are developed in these lessons, through purposeful cross-curricular activities. Topics cover desk top publishing, graphics, data handling, modelling, multi-media presentations, control, website design and safe use of the internet.


 Our computer network allows shared learning resources across the school, with internet access and wireless connectivity. Both Spencer House and Wilberforce House have their own well equipped ICT suite. There are interactive white boards in all teaching areas to encourage a multimedia approach to teaching and learning, and both Houses have a bank of laptops for classroom use and i-Pads to augment the range of our ICT offer.

Beyond the Classroom

The ICT suite is available at lunch times and before school for clubs, extra tuition, research and homework. Children have the opportunity to develop their computer skills further through attending after school clubs such as Computer Club, Computer Art Club, Typing Club and History Club.