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The Study is very keen to maintain a close relationship with its old girls.  We have a dedicated staff member looking after our alumnae programme, and we encourage you to get in contact through our website.

 Our Headmistress would love to hear from you, and to learn about the memories you have from your days at the school, and what you are doing now.  You may use the contact form in the "Get in Touch" tab on the left to contact us, and we will acknowledge your email, put you on our database, send you regular news of what we are up to and invite you to special days that celebrate all we are proud of at The Study. 


The Study 2016 Gazette has been sent to our "live" alumnae database in March 2017. However, if you have not been in touch with the school for some time, please let us know so that we may mail you a copy and update our records.

Please do keep in touch, we would love to hear any success stories or news from our Alumnae! We also offer work experience to our Old Girls so let us know your plans. Finally, don't forget to send in any memorabilia you may have if you are happy for us to add it to our official archives.